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How Do Smart Homes Work?

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A Smart home features a hub that offers cutting-edge communication for intuitive convenience and secure encryption. From basic systems with a few add-ons to totally-automated and customized systems for large custom residences, all smart homes work on this same premise. Your smart hub acts as a control center, allowing you to secure, automate, and control your home’s functions remotely, including lights, locks, video surveillance, thermostat, and more.

How Do Smart Homes Work - asap Atlantic Security Automation Partners Canada Inc.

The Internet of Things
As humans, we can listen to, converse with, network, and collaborate with others to achieve our objectives. So too, the internet of things, an extension of smart home living, means that products and devices are now able to communicate with one another and you via the internet to offer unparalleled security, comfort, and convenience.
Indoor/outdoor cameras allow you to monitor in and around your home even when you’re on vacation. Panic/fall sensors permit you to watch over your elderly loved ones or family members with special needs to ensure they can safely move about their homes. Keyless home security with an interactive door lock makes letting guests in when you’re running late as simple as a click on your smartphone. A smart thermostat lets you control your home’s temperature at any time, from anywhere in the world. Smart home technology can help make your life safer and more efficient, saving you time and money.

Wireless Internet Security
Security is the number one reason so many people are interested in smart homes and rightfully so. With the busy lives we lead today, being able to have our homes look lived in with smart lighting schedules that mimic someone being at home, even when we are away, at work for the day, or across the globe traveling, adds an important level of security. And, there’s more…

Video Surveillance
Add surveillance cameras to stay in control of your security. A wireless security camera means you have the ability to check-in from your smart device to see that your children have arrived home safely, that a winter storm has not resulted in felled trees in your yard, and that your garage and shed are secure.

Interactive Video for convenience and safety
A Wi-Fi doorbell camera lets you see who is at your door, whether you are at home or not. See if the person at the door is a wanted visitor, respond to them from your smartphone, and help keep your home safe.

Notifications and the ability to instantly respond
Our days are rushed and hectic. Why wonder if you did indeed lock the garage door? A daily repetitive action often tricks the mind… leading you to think that maybe you did or maybe you didn’t. This can distract you when you need to be at the top of your game at work or commuting through traffic to drop your kids off at school. With smart devices like an interactive garage door opener, you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone and can respond instantly. Have that garage door closed and locked from your smartphone in seconds. That’s smart home security… and peace of mind.

ADT by TELUS smart home automation solutions
At the center of your smart home is the ADT by TELUS Smart Generation Panel. It boasts five communication radios, including Wi-Fi, cellular, Security RF, image sensor radio, and Z-Wave Plus – to support the ultimate in wireless connectivity, smart security, and home control. This intuitive and user-friendly hub features:

  • Android 5+ OS
  • Fast and reliable LTE technology
  • Connectivity with secure encryption
  • Built-in router
  • Built-in glass break sensor
  • System disarm photos from the 5MP built-in camera
  • Dual path connectivity and interactive services
  • Easy software updates

Getting smart, and interactive has never been easier
If you love having a home security system but now you’re looking for a cost-effective way to have a smart, interactive one, it’s easy and affordable with ADT by TELUS. You may even be able to keep your existing hardware with a quick and easy installation.

How to set up a smart home?
Leave it to us to add comfort, value, and security to your life with ADT by TELUS smart home automation solutions.
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