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SmartHome Guide for Beginners

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You’d like to turn your house into a SmartHome, but where do you start? SmartHome technology has revolutionized the way we live, providing homeowners with increased security, reduced stress, and opportunities to save both time and money.

A SmartHome makes daily life more convenient with smart panels, hubs, and apps that let you monitor, protect, and control your home environment from a distance.

Smarthome Guide For Beginners - asap Atlantic Security Automation Partners Canada Inc.

How to set up a SmartHome?

Setting up your SmartHome can be as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Smart Generation Panel
    Your hub, or smart panel, is command central for your SmartHome. You want a smart panel that is intuitive and easy to use, an all-in-one device that seamlessly connects and controls all elements of your SmartHome.
    The ADT by TELUS Smart Generation Panel is the ultimate all-in-one device and is always connected. Behind its 7” touchscreen are five communication technologies, including Wi-Fi, cellular, Security RF, image sensor radio, and Z-Wave Plus.
    It supports wireless connectivity, secure encryption, and ultimate home control.
  2. An interactive remote security system
    Security is more important than ever.
    You want to control and secure your home and help keep your family safe. When you opt for interactive SmartHome security, you put comfort and safety at your fingertips.
    With smart locks, you no longer have to worry about losing or hiding spare keys. Create codes for every family member and even temporary codes for domestic help, babysitters, and contractors. Lock and unlock your door or arm and disarm your system from the convenience of your smartphone.
    To keep your home and your family safe from environmental hazards like fire and carbon monoxide poisoning, opt for smart monitored smoke detectors and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors. When the detectors are triggered, they immediately signal our monitoring centers which immediately contact you and, if needed, emergency responders.
    Monitored CO and smoke detectors can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency.
  3. Smart add-ons for security and convenience
    It’s simple and affordable to add smart devices to your home’s remote security system, providing you with additional layers of security and convenience.
    • Video surveillance cameras
      Keep a watchful eye on your home from your smartphone. Video surveillance cameras can help keep you safe. Indoor security cameras let you check in on your children and pets when you’re away, while outdoor cameras document and discourage prowlers around your home.
    • Wi-Fi Doorbell camera
      From porch pirates to door-knocking scams… you shouldn’t open your doors to just anyone, and burglars often ring a doorbell first to see if someone is at home. Even if it’s a wanted visitor, you may not always be home to greet them.
      An ADT by TELUS Wi-Fi Doorbell camera offers modern convenience and safety, allowing you to view, record, and respond to someone at your door from wherever you are, thanks to a simple app that works from a tablet or smartphone.
    • Smart garage door opener
      The garage door is the largest door in your home and is often a point of access for thieves. With the ADT by TELUS interactive garage door controller, you’ll receive an instant notification if your garage door is left open and you can close and lock it from your smartphone.
  4. Security and cost-efficiency
    How much does all this cost?
    Less than you might think!

An interactive ADT by TELUS home security system is surprisingly affordable.
Add-ons like smart locks, Wi-Fi video doorbell, and video surveillance can enhance your lifestyle.
Smart lighting and smart thermostat(s) can help improve your home’s energy efficiency and lower energy bills.
Finally, a SmartHome security system may also help lower your homeowner’s insurance costs.*

asap is Atlantic Canada's (locally owned) ADT by TELUS Authorized Dealer.
We are committed to offering our customers the technology they need, for the SmartHome they want, at a great value!

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*Check with your insurance agent for eligibility.


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