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Smart Cottage Security

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Summertime is synonymous with cottage life in Canada. Perhaps you’re heading out soon, or even if you’re staying home this summer, you’ll want to keep your slice of paradise safe. With smart home security options for your cottage, you can keep your second home secured for years to come, with the convenience of monitoring it from your smartphone.

Emerging trends in cottage life

As more of us work from home, summer brings a rise in the blend of cottage life and work life. What’s better than getting work done, knowing you can take a dip in a cool lake when it’s time for a break? In fact, a recent survey from The Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations noted that 28% of respondents currently work from their waterfront communities. It also noted that of those who don’t, 37.5% would consider doing so.[1] If your cottage is already doing double duty as a family vacation spot and a workplace, or if you have plans to start this summer, you’ll want these helpful hints on how to enjoy safety and convenience with smart home options.

Smart Cottage Security - asap Atlantic Security Automation Partners Canada Inc.

Protect your investment

Many Canadians work hard to achieve the dream of a second home. The goal of owning a cottage getaway is seclusion and privacy, a retreat from hectic everyday life. However, those very things that make owning a cottage so attractive, also add to the chance of your cottage experiencing a break-in or being violated by vandalism. According to police reports, big-ticket items such as generators, pumps, power tools, electronics, ATVs and boat motors are appealing to thieves who may even use boats for inconspicuous access to your home away from home.

Protect against intruders

Your first step in deterring break-ins and burglaries is intrusion monitoring. With remote access from any smart device, you can check the status and receive instant notifications. Even the visible presence of your ADT by TELUS monitoring, by making use of lawn signs and window decals, can help deter criminals.

Light up your cottage for added security

Criminals prefer to do their work under the cover of darkness. A well-lit cottage or property is more likely to be avoided by burglars and vandals. Setting a smart lighting schedule that mimics someone being at your cottage, can help deter criminals. And, motion-activated lights will instantly come when any movement is detected to scare intruders away.

Peace of mind with video surveillance

What’s better than easing your worries with smart video cameras that you can monitor from your smartphone. Receive notification about a security breach… live and recorded video sent to your phone will immediately show you if an intruder is someone to worry about or perhaps is only wildlife.

Maintain an optimum environment with a smart thermostat

A smart thermostat ensures your cottage is always at the right temperature for your arrival. Used in the winter, it can also safeguard your pipes to keep them from freezing when the temperature dips too low.

Prevent fires with monitored smoke detectors

Even if you’re away from your cottage, a monitored smoke detector will alert you and, if necessary, your local fire department. This could mean the difference between a controlled fire that can be put out or a precious cottage going up in flames.

Preventing break-ins and damage has always been a priority for cottage owners. Now with affordable, smart home options, protecting your cottage has never been easier. For more information, call 1 (833) 422-7776 today to speak to our asap smart security experts as we are your ADT by TELUS Full Service Authorized Dealer for Atlantic Canada.


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